Bikram Yoga Peninsula

Research & strategy

Bikram Yoga Peninsula is a yoga studio based in Mornington, Victoria. The studio specialises in Bikram yoga, a unique series of 26 stretching and strengthening postures and 2 breathing exercises, performed in a room heated at 40°C for 90 minutes. The brand identity needed to capture both the energy and spirituality of the practice.

An organic icon, based on nature’s Fibonacci spiral, captures the energy and dynamism at the heart and heat of Bikram. The juxtapositional use of the colour blue to the essence of Bikram yoga works to promote a sense of physical and mental tranquility, and inner spiritual peace.

Attending a yoga class for the first time can be intimidating and confusing. The marketing and other material was greatly simplified and streamlined to help increase the number of new clients while making information more easily accessible for existing clients.

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