Pas Nette–Out of Focus

Publication design
Art direction
Editorial collaboration

Alisha Mascurine is an award-winning graduate of Fashion Design (Honours) at RMIT. For her final year submission she required a publication to be designed that showcased her fourth year collections and design development, with a strong sense of style and narrative within an affordable production budget.

Pas Nette—Out of Focus was created in collaboration with the designer, using original imagery and a dynamic grid structure to communicate the designer’s intentions. Alisha’s design journey and achievements are presented as a weaving narrative, bringing to focus key influences and interpretations of her work with textures, optical illusions and patterns used for embellishment.

The publication plays on the visual effects of the garments by using layering, patterns and a custom-made typeface. By focusing on a strong, clear design with beautiful stock and finishing, the final outcome was affordable on a small budget without compromising on quality and impact.

With Alisha Mascurine